In my first year of ESL teaching in public school systems and I can already see a huge misunderstanding and lack of knowledge built around the most elementary of environmental topics. Students I feel get most of their news and information, well, from the news and other media outlets. Usually not the best way to go about it.

  Sharing common ideas


I devoted this blog to the growing number of people who just so happen to be  teaching ESL and are passionate about their planet and the protection it deserves.  Knowledge is one of the most important tools if there is to be any kind of change,   and I feel fortunate to be spreading the message to students who otherwise might not learn about these issues.

Other teachers inspire me, they drive me to want to become the best presenter and teacher possible. This blog is just one tool I am using to help develop not only myself, but those who feel this innate drive to become a more complete speaker as well. Since introducing environmental topics into my lessons, students (in my classroom anyway) are accustomed to putting waste in the correct recycling bin, and taking little steps to be more sustainable. It really is inspiring, and I hope you get a chance to see what I mean by that.

To conclude the “mission statement” of this blog, ECOESL will serve as an asset to those who are looking for ways to supplement their lessons or build their lessons around environmental topics, all while putting emphasis on their students development in the English language. I hope to inspire many other teachers out there and grow a network of like-minded people!!




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