A growing concern of mine personally, and for  others in the scientific community, is the current health of oceans. Oceans play a vital role in the regulation of our climate, the balance of life on Earth, providing habitats, and of course, the Water Cycle. It is very important that students understand the critical role these oceans play in the world today. Oceans cover over 70% of the Earth and provide us with 97% of water. Without oceans, there would not be people, simply said.

Help teach students about protecting our oceans & valuable English material!

As well as the teaching of our oceans, there are keywords and sentences to be taught with this lesson that will certainly benefit students. The worksheet is very comprehensive  material and tests all skills: Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing. It emphasizes teamwork as well, as each team is to collaborate and come up with ideas together.




I highlight that because when I sat down and really tried to make my instructions for the worksheet as clear as possible, my students succeeded. When they might have been a little vague, the results were not as clearly connected to what was instructed to them. The more the students became familiar with the keywords, the easier it was for them to follow along with the material as well.

Overall, this lesson was very successful. The students absolutely loved the graphics and the video, and I feel they really became conscious of their oceans. Even though becoming involved in protecting the oceans is more indirect, rather than hands-on, they still felt they could make contributions. Ultimately, the protection of oceans lays in the hands of corporations, governments, and private entities mostly.

I really encourage all of you ESL teachers looking for an Environmentally-related lesson to use this! It worked very well! As always, please contact for any ideas or tips to help you along the way!

Link to lesson once more: http://prezi.com/ln_hcpp93jzs/oceans/

Link to Worksheet: Oceans





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