I originally wanted to do make this lesson primarily on Recycling, but decided against it. Students should get an idea of  waste and the The R’s. Recycling is obviously important, and is one of the most elementary lessons we learn in our native language for most of you I’m sure, but there is far more to waste management that  I believe could easily be included on any-level lesson plan.

Students need to fully understand the meanings of each word to undersstand the message

By introducing waste, including other names for waste, what happens to waste, and giving students a clear understanding of what waste is, students understand from the beginning what we are talking about. Waste is all around us, it’s everywhere and everyone produces waste.


I left this presentation open to the discretion of the instructor on how he or she wants to administer a game, project or task for the students. For example, a class project could be to make a “garden” out of used water bottles. The teacher could provide the soil and seeds and the bottles would be used for a container to hold the plant in. That’s just one idea. I’ve incorporated a similar idea in my classroom but instead of all students, we just have a classroom plant. I didn’t feel it would be very practical to include a worksheet on this lesson, as I try to stay away from using them in mass quantities. There are several ways to come up with the “Production” part of the lesson, the teacher should use their creativity to guide their decision on this. This is an excellent framework to build your lesson around however.

I want to share with you some feedback on how this lesson went. Firstly, it was shown to a moderate-high level. They fully understood the whole lesson I believe and participated throughout. They show continuing interest in the “classroom plant”, making me believe that some ideas really did stick with them after this lesson. One of my students even told me he wants to learn more about the environment now after school, which was especially rewarding! Even though it’s a single lesson I really think it has made my students appreciate things maybe a little bit more, and they understand the significance.

Hope you enjoy it and best of luck to you! 


Here is the link to the presentation once more: http://prezi.com/6l8m6qhahvng/recycling/


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