Population-7 Billion People (Mid-to-Intermediate level)

The 3 countries with the highest populations

The topic of “Population”, will be presented here. This is a great lesson that has the students engaged, not only through the flair of the Prezi graphics and videos embedded within, but also through the effective teaching and use of keywords.

Before the lesson begins, the students should be introduced to keywords. These words will make them familiar with the rest of the lesson, they will understand the relevance of the words being used throughout the lesson, I recommend writing the words on the board or having them magnified on MS Word before you begin the Prezi. Here are the words:

Million and Billion (Ss should understand the difference)

Population (what does it mean? How many “billions” are in the ‘Earth’s” population?”)

“average”, “common”, “typical” (Ss should be aware these terms can all be used interchangeably)

“consume”- Use this word to show Ss that consuming means to “use” a resource.

“life expectancy”- It helps to use the translated word in the Ss first language on this one. Tell Ss it means how long a person will usually live.

The Earth recently hit the 7 billion mile marker….

Those words are all important. Before presenting, I recommend going through all the slides and coming up with your own way of how you want to devise the images, videos, and questions in your classroom. I came up with ways that were constantly requiring attention of each student, because the success of the group was dependent on how well they all did.

I broke the class up into groups of 4 after showing the keywords. I explained to them to pay attention closely, and to watch for the keywords and participate if they wanted their group to win at the end of the lesson. Before showing all of the slides, the group was given a single worksheet with the following questions:

  1. What is the Earth’s population? ______ billion people. 
  2. Does the average person own a bank account (translation of bank account)? Yes/No
  3. How much money does the most common person earn a year while working? _______________ 
  4. Is the most common person on Earth a man or woman? ________
  5. Does the most typical person on Earth own a cell phone? Yes/No
  6. What country is the most average person on Earth from? _________ How old is the most average person? ______ years old. 

We went over all of these questions slowly and carefully. And they realized that they had to guess on them, it still generated a lot of discussion among the group as they tried

Students love seeing this, they are amazed that it is a Chinese man!

to collaborate with each other on what was the best answer. Very motivating for them. This kept them attune throughout the class since they were waiting in anticipation on whether their questions were correct. No group answered every question correctly, but some were close.

Towards the end of the lesson, we went through all the correct answers. Then I showed them the few slides on water consumption, leading into why it is important to not waste water or food. There are alot of people in the world who do not have running water or a guaranteed meal every day. Not all of the students showed interest in this topic, but there were certainly ones who understood the message clearly.

Here is the link once more: http://prezi.com/cor8kkuczugb/7-billion-people/


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